Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
978845Information Management ConsultantNSWTodayClosing Soon
976954Airport terminal chiller replacementWATodayClosing Soon
975055Boiler decommissioning and replacementVICTodayClosing Soon
974712Asbestos remediation worksVICTodayClosing Soon
974715Signage updateALLTodayClosing Soon
974718Chiller replacementACTTodayClosing Soon
979320Flood damage remediation worksVICTodayClosing Soon
978277Bitumen resurfacing worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
977855Staff housing strategyWATodayClosing Soon
976756Private bus operators for special eventsQLDTodayClosing Soon
976759Active and Healthy pre-qualified suppliersQLDTodayClosing Soon
976394Earthquake strengthening worksNZTodayClosing Soon
975607Microtunnelling & drainageQLDTodayClosing Soon
974893Comprehensive bike share systemNZTodayClosing Soon
973105Highway upgrade program - western access rehabilitation and reconstructionQLDTodayClosing Soon
972905Jetty - concrete repairsQLDTodayClosing Soon
972823Corridor upgradeQLDTodayClosing Soon
976670Streetscapes upgradeVICTodayClosing Soon
979709Fire hydrantsVICTodayClosing Soon
977376Personnel for engineering support services - communication projects/ assetsWATodayClosing Soon
977058Carpark modificationsVICTodayClosing Soon
974864Design & construction of gross pollutant trapsNSWTodayClosing Soon
979819Concept & theme design for annual reportO/STodayClosing Soon
978250Carpark exit duplication (various works)NSWTodayClosing Soon
976676Cleaning servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
980226Sale of vehicleNZTodayClosing Soon
980379Construction partner for infrastructure projectNZTodayClosing Soon
980199Cleaning servicesWATodayClosing Soon
979249Activ8me Request for information PHP LINUX Developers and Infrastructure/Network specialist.ALLTodayClosing Soon
977875Construction of outfall & pipelinesVICTodayClosing Soon
977666Main building contractor for new classroomsNZTodayClosing Soon
977203Design & build of wood fuel boilerNZTodayClosing Soon
976942Maintenance and documentation of solar PV systemNSWTodayClosing Soon
976677Emergency generator projectQLDTodayClosing Soon
976237Improved capacity for integrated disease management of couch smut (Ustilago cynodontis) in turfALLTodayClosing Soon
975637Integrated Pest Management of phytophagous mites on turfgrassALLTodayClosing Soon
970631Centenary of ANZAC grants programTASTodayClosing Soon
980065Roof waterproofing worksO/STodayClosing Soon
979806Sale of business / assets - firewood wholesalerVICTodayClosing Soon
979126Upgrading of pole yardO/STodayClosing Soon
978916Language, literacy and numeracy trainingNTTodayClosing Soon
978421Construction of distribution power linesO/STodayClosing Soon
977808Road rehabilitation program - asphalt worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
977879PVC conduitO/STodayClosing Soon
977709Wire rope safety barrier systemNSWTodayClosing Soon
977648Road pavement stabilisation programNSWTodayClosing Soon
977405Installation of Remote Water Meters in Rural AreasVICTodayClosing Soon
977428Vehicle activated (solar) curve warning signsNSWTodayClosing Soon
976891Replacement of boilers (various services)VICTodayClosing Soon
976972Solar systemO/STodayClosing Soon
976128Revaluation of buildings & operational landNSWTodayClosing Soon
975348Main building contractor for multiple projects (various works)NZTodayClosing Soon
969284Demolition of boardwalk & design / construct replacement structureNSWTodayClosing Soon
978453Home maintenance servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
976943Design & construction of overhead / underground fibre optic cables, microwave, other radio links (panel)QLDTodayClosing Soon
976158Repairs to war monumentNSWTodayClosing Soon
975538Playground renewalSATodayClosing Soon
975450Fire maintenance servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
975039Upgrade of airport drainage systemNSWTodayClosing Soon
974451Construction of road rampsNSWTodayClosing Soon
979877Installation of classroomsWATodayClosing Soon
978827Water carting trucks and tanks hireO/STodayClosing Soon
978553Sodium carbonateO/STodayClosing Soon
978552Calcium hypochloriteO/STodayClosing Soon
978554Gearbox with motor for wastewater treatment aeratorsO/STodayClosing Soon
978199Vehicle and plant hire (Western Division)O/STodayClosing Soon
978201Vehicle and plant hire (Northern Division)O/STodayClosing Soon
977917Walk through portable metal detectorWATodayClosing Soon
977916Demolition and site restorationWATodayClosing Soon
977869Meter reading deviceO/STodayClosing Soon
977544Development of compulsory professional development training resources (eLearning)WATodayClosing Soon
977209Soil stabilisersNSWTodayClosing Soon
976786Cleaning servicesWATodayClosing Soon
976680Valves and fittingsO/STodayClosing Soon
976328Alternative education programs for students at severe educational riskWATodayClosing Soon
975789Sluice valveO/STodayClosing Soon
975022Solar PV panelsWATodayClosing Soon
980146Wall mounted storage shelvingWATodayClosing Soon
979951Canteen licenceO/STodayClosing Soon
978870Brand and media buying servicesTASTodayClosing Soon
978793External audit servicesSATodayClosing Soon
978794Design and engineering - refurbishment of pool (various works)SATodayClosing Soon
978807Various servicesWATodayClosing Soon
978840Demolition worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
977813Design - restoration of heritage features on city hall reception roomQLDTodayClosing Soon
977856Sound system upgradeTASTodayClosing Soon
977501Road rehabilitationVICTodayClosing Soon
977499Vegetation management servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
977435Electricity Switchboard Audit Maintenance WorksVICTodayClosing Soon
977306Wetland improvement & stormwater harvesting projectNSWTodayClosing Soon
977040Public art commissionVICTodayClosing Soon
977034Independent safety assessor (ISA) servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
976627Pier - walkway rehabilitationVICTodayClosing Soon
976184Renewal of sealed pavement etcVICTodayClosing Soon
976169Landscape improvement worksVICTodayClosing Soon
975519Pool amenities refurbishmentQLDTodayClosing Soon
975086Refurbishments worksVICTodayClosing Soon
975089Roof repairsVICTodayClosing Soon
974533Contact centre serviceVICTodayClosing Soon
975966Large airtanker servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
979969Vetting materials (medical)O/STodayClosing Soon
979964Construction of steel frame roof structureO/STodayClosing Soon
979829Training management servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
979647Framework and roadmap for transit-oriented development implementationO/STodayClosing Soon
979510Assessment of institutional & financial management capacityO/STodayClosing Soon
979379Functional analysis & review of business operations strategyO/STodayClosing Soon
979386Layout of health warnings for tobacco packaging incl. amendments for ethics approvalO/STodayClosing Soon
979356Bus transportation servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
979259Removal of hayNZTodayClosing Soon
979032Repair of vehicles & machinesO/STodayClosing Soon
979026Medical emergency response team (MERT) support servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
979022Renovation of building incl. generatorO/STodayClosing Soon
979060Lessons learned from stabilization efforts & humanitarian civil-military coordinationO/STodayClosing Soon
978935Veterinary drugsO/STodayClosing Soon
978924Ultra-low level liquid scintillation spectrometerO/STodayClosing Soon
978925Chaff cutterO/STodayClosing Soon
978776FuelO/STodayClosing Soon
978675Building refurbishment and play equipmentNTTodayClosing Soon
978551Office construction worksO/STodayClosing Soon
978581Strategic communicationsO/STodayClosing Soon
978376Partnership to implement energy for the poor initiativeO/STodayClosing Soon
978379Renovation of bridgeO/STodayClosing Soon
978210Research on role and functions of education authoritiesO/STodayClosing Soon
978153Communications and branding consultancyO/STodayClosing Soon
978120Comparative study of women’s economic inactivity and engagement in economyO/STodayClosing Soon
977982Winter clothesO/STodayClosing Soon
977406Project preparation for renewable energy investment facilityO/STodayClosing Soon
977231Passengers transport servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
977001Community Engagement GrantsALLTodayClosing Soon
976347Vertical mobility and safety improvement projectO/STodayClosing Soon
975721Data collection & associated analysis for short term evaluation of SSRIP - cycling routesVICTodayClosing Soon
961622Sporting Club Grants ProgramVICTodayClosing Soon
979892Service designersACT25/01/2018Closing Soon
978983Website analyticsACT25/01/2018Closing Soon
978597Boat ramp cat walk repairsWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
977918Electrical upgradesTAS25/01/2018Closing Soon
976905Water treatment plant upgrade - pumps & filtersQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
976902Water main upgrade & rising main installationQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
976901Covered carpark constructionQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
976790Bus depot refurbishmentWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
975398Fire safety worksACT25/01/2018Closing Soon
979101Sale of vehicleNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
978734Sale of vehiclesWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
977108Refuse collection & management and operations of waste facilityWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
975678Potable water disinfection systemQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
977503Delivery of Respectful Relationships programVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
977053Concrete stormwater pipes, culverts and fittingsQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
976959Cleaning servicesWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
975101Pathway lightingQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
973217Design and construction of seawall and accessibility upgradeNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
972631Passenger ferryWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
980063Issue of treasury notesALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
979095Air conditionersNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
977273WHS behaviour programNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
977037Technical experts for re-entry of coal mine drift (panel)NZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
979144Industry briefing: Client managementALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
979146Industry briefing - Workload managementALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
980106Feed grainWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
979426Agent services - WilunaWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
978442After hour care programNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
977828Main building contractor for remediation works projectNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
977667Transport servicesNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
977396Delivery of a microfinance pilot programVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
977201Drilling servicesNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
977008Coastal hazard risk management & adaptation planWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
976716Macadamia trade relations programALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
976655Improving the biosecurity preparedness of Australian horticulture for the exotic Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii)ALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
975924Main building contractor - accessibility improvementsNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
978853Assessment and re-design of office space and work spaceO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979110Public catering servicesVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
979040Sale of potential transport depot with highway frontageQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
977424EOI RFQ092 Suppy and Delivery of a Windsifter / Material Separator for SORFALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
977524Bridge replacementNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
977240Lindenow South Water Main Replacement WorksALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
977181Sale of rural cropping propertyQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
976975Stormwater reticulationNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
976395Office fit outNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
975946Park sculpture commissionNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
975129Mesoscopic and hybrid modelling guidelinesNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
975130Development of driving behaviour guidelinesNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
974705Design & construction of dwellingsWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
974540Design and construction of housesQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
979805MarqueesO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979820Sale of business - software (health systems)ALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
977691Design & construct piling contractorsNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
976669Construction of airbase support centre and storage shedNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
976340Construction of sewer mainVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
974435Community energy programSA25/01/2018Closing Soon
979423Refurbishment of science classroomsWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
978829Minor transport improvements programmeNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
978415Waste bins hire / general & hazardous waste collection servicesWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
974696Fresh and frozen food, groceries and meat productsWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
976956Airport hangar & office design / constructionWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
976958Airport airside electrical cable installationWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
978307Netball court redevelopmentVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
978306Unsuitable tree removal stump grinding & nature strip reinstatementVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
978303Design & construction of intersection worksVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
978304Arboriculture maintenance servicesVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
977775Recreation reserve netball courtsVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
977773Design & construction of recreation reserve sports pavilionVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
976767Creative precinct early contractor involvement constructionVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
978767Coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
978287Crushing and screening of gravel & concrete wasteQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
977919Marina developmentTAS25/01/2018Closing Soon
977910SOE and SCCM support servicesVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
977873Design & construction of bridgeO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
977811Bituminous surfacing and pavement markingSA25/01/2018Closing Soon
977692Livestock identification systemVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
977508Refurbishment of public toilet facilitiesSA25/01/2018Closing Soon
977577Temporary personnelVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
977368Security servicesNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
977284Reinstatement of decommissioned flood gatesNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
977079Beach revetment & associated worksWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
977095Shared path constructionVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
976906Construction of toilet blockVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
976794Cardiac monitoring systemsNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
976782Pharmaceutical dosing aid packsQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
976403Supply materials, labour for Plumbing & Hydraulic Works - The Rex DaylesfordVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
976868Review of CBD planVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
976848Nominal bondsNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
976667Design of multi-purpose community facility redevelopmentVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
976546Equipment for laboratory fit-outsNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
976447Historic town hall renewal worksVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
976323Construction of new & upgraded bus stopsQLD25/01/2018Closing Soon
975699The Rex - Hepburn Hub 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford (Mechanical Services)VIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
975452The Rex - Hepburn Hub 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford (Joinery)VIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
975638The Rex - Hepburn Hub 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford (Electrical Services)VIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
975641Hospital lift upgradesACT25/01/2018Closing Soon
975712Natural areas weed controlWA25/01/2018Closing Soon
975527Design & construction of sand replenishment infrastructureNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
975065Automatic fuel moisture monitoring network (sensors)VIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
974759Road extensionO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
974022Warm water poolVIC25/01/2018Closing Soon
973941Hospital beds, mattresses, accessories and related servicesNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
979887Overseas study tripALL25/01/2018Closing Soon
980017Geophysical equipment (fluorimeter & crop sensor)O/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
980030Generic PCO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
980024ColorimeterO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
980021Chlorophyll meterO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979948Revenue evaluation of power transmission projectsO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979828Musical instrumentsO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979656Communication/marketing or advertising for mobile money accountsO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979698Furniture & lighting for creative hubO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979443In-depth diagnostic on cassava value chainsO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979524Billboard (supply & installation)O/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979441Cocoa plantations renovation and rehabilitation initiativeO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979491Preservation quality archival boxes & foldersO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979390Graphic design & layout of WASH program publicationO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979396Construction of ground water tank & extension of water networkO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979382Consultancy - energy efficient labeling & certification program for LED lighting productsO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979399Evaluation of project on capacity strengthening of women & children's resilience to climate changeO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979030Agro-products value chain assessment & training servicesO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979025River basin biodiversity information platformO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978986Water security - improvement of water supplyO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979048Insect larval diet mixing systemO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979039Printing jobO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979011Fire safety assessmentO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979041Mobile network aggregator for RapidProO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
979038Creative communication on measles & rubella vaccinationO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978967Supervision & inspection of toilet constructionO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978760Accounting and financial expertO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978761Scaling efficient cold chain solutionsO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978387Floating solar development studyO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978386Introducing life skills and citizenship education in schoolsO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978383Survey/census suppliesO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978311Playground equipmentO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978302eVIN preparatory assessment (vaccine logistic management)O/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978344Improvement of sewerage systemO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978319Transportation servicesO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
978026Sewerage pipeline and pumping station civil works, equipment supply and installationO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
977876Expansion of aircraft parking apron (various works)NT25/01/2018Closing Soon
977803Investment prioritization plan to improve water service and urban sewer systemO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
977682Project preparation to improve public health and safety and environmental amenityO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
977558Demolition / make ready projectNZ25/01/2018Closing Soon
976835Medical equipment for microbiology laboratoriesO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
976750Data centre and application platform hosting servicesO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
976528Highway modernization project management and construction supervision consultantO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
976527External financial auditorO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
976081Country studies on resilience building investments targeted at urban poorO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
976022Use of sporting groundsNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
971971Protection relays, fault recorders, fault locators and event recordersO/S25/01/2018Closing Soon
971826Primary Production Incentive GrantsSA25/01/2018Closing Soon
955155Funding - Rural Landholder InitiativeNSW25/01/2018Closing Soon
977950Management of restaurantNT26/01/2018Closing Soon
980087Design thinking and capability specialistSA26/01/2018Closing Soon
980016Drupal developer and architectNSW26/01/2018Closing Soon
978666Community lease of propertyNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
979808Servicing & maintenance of air-conditioning unitsO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979255Supply of uniformO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977388Reinstatement of chemical damaged dwellingNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
977204Reinstatement of chemical-damaged dwellingNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
976654Radiation oncology treatment planning systemNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
976497CIR civil worksNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
975768Asset buy-back and lease servicesNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
974667API Middleware platformNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
976234Blade chassis / server and SAN storage equipmentO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
976056Road reconstruction projectNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
980221Lease of warehouse / office / hardstandQLD26/01/2018Closing Soon
979589Producion / printing of annual report & aviation safety bulletinO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978575Environmental review committeeVIC26/01/2018Closing Soon
978110External audit servicesSA26/01/2018Closing Soon
977536Harvesting servicesNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
977525Notice: Case-mix funding model workshopNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
977013Elevator comprehensive maintenance and servicesQLD26/01/2018Closing Soon
976982Building ventilation upgradeNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
976796Industrial gases & associated welding consumablesNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
976658New teaching block & access wayNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
976063Boiler replacement & gym remediationNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
975906Health & safety SaaS solutionNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
975620Supreme court eCourt projectVIC26/01/2018Closing Soon
972610Re-roofing of school blockNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
977944Motor vehiclesO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979239Workplace Health & Safety Improvement PlanVIC26/01/2018Closing Soon
979292Sale of freehold residential property (Navua)O/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979288Sale of freehold residential propertyO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979031Disability access advisory committeeVIC26/01/2018Closing Soon
978354Tai Chi classesNSW26/01/2018Closing Soon
978022Community GrantsNT26/01/2018Closing Soon
977280Pre-coated cover aggregateQLD26/01/2018Closing Soon
977278Bituminous productsQLD26/01/2018Closing Soon
976656Design & construction of self-contained studio roomsNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
976455Sale of pasta making equipmentNSW26/01/2018Closing Soon
976231Land use planning consultantWA26/01/2018Closing Soon
975257Lease of vacant lotsO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
973955Oracle database as a serviceNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
975790Walking track maintenanceNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
980102Manned security servicesNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
978896PhotocopiersO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978893Water & rainfall telemetry equipmentO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978894Large format scannerO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978895Ocean current meterO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978134Microsoft licensingO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979611Minor civil works (panel)ACT26/01/2018Closing Soon
979624Minor civil works (panel)ACT26/01/2018Closing Soon
978520Grid connected photovoltaic systemQLD26/01/2018Closing Soon
978408Lived experience peer support delivery modelQLD26/01/2018Closing Soon
976363Patching, stabilisation & sealing of road pavementVIC26/01/2018Closing Soon
977927Structural strengthening of upper floor levelO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977369Road intersection layout improvementNZ26/01/2018Closing Soon
980452Eska cablesO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
980310StationeryO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
980356Office furnitureO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979967Branded visibility items (various)O/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
980022Tritiated water (tritium activity)O/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
980026GeneratorO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979825Various promotional items & merchandiseO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979397Communications advisorO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979063Strategic plan on food & nutrition surveillance system, framework, & information productsO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979000Dust suppression systemO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979001Ground handling servicesO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
979004Autodesk computer productsO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978544Listening shellsO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978562Talking booksO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978563Contextualized guide for release & reintegration of girls associated with armed groupsO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978561Mental health module development for patient information systemO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978195External independent financial auditor consultantO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978061Impact assessments surveys servicesO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
978011Refurbishment and renovation services for officeO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977987Preventive maintenance and emergency repair for security equipmentO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977988Office suppliesO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977674Preparation, design and procurement services - power sector developmentO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977466Rural sector performance assessment (RSPA)O/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977551Engineer for reforestation of degraded foothillsO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
977400Strengthening early warning, resilient agriculture and rural developmentO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
976748Monitoring system for humanitarian emergenciesO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
976604Annual joint water, sanitation and environment sector reviewO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
975493Renovation of meeting room (various works)O/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
974375Low enriched uranium (LEU)O/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
973640Management of agricultural extension information servicesO/S26/01/2018Closing Soon
972315Education and Training GrantsNSW26/01/2018Closing Soon
976053Petroleum reservesNZ27/01/2018Closing Soon
980236Effectiveness assessment of SME skills development programsO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
980237Study on RE integration mechanisms (power trade)O/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
980241Actuarial valuation of life insurance businessesO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
979959Internet servicesO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
979697NGOs / national organisations & communication agencies for implementation of projectsO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
979600Water / sanitation strategy development & capacity building - international trainingO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
979235Cafe operatorSA27/01/2018Closing Soon
977985Construction of police office, dressing room and bathrooms buildingsO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
974897Road maintenance equipmentO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
974896Solar station subprojectO/S27/01/2018Closing Soon
976862Pathway constructionNZ28/01/2018
977115Refurbishment of the Fua'amotu International Airport Terminal, TongaALL28/01/2018
980426Network router (E1 card), high end computer server & headsetsO/S28/01/2018
980296Consultancy for conference servicesO/S28/01/2018
979816Lessons learnt on GAFSP MMI (agriculture)O/S28/01/2018
979694Rehabilitation of roads & bridgesO/S28/01/2018
979353Portable diesel generatorsO/S28/01/2018
979388Social work education development supportO/S28/01/2018
979349Supply of water pipes & fittingsO/S28/01/2018
979044Various test equipmentO/S28/01/2018
978932Rehabilitation of buildingO/S28/01/2018
978808Assessment of potential hubs for influenza vaccine procurementO/S28/01/2018
978596Regional publications to showcase at fair standNSW28/01/2018
978193Integrating financial education in school curriculumO/S28/01/2018
973816Air traffic control equipment, power supply and airfield lighting/cablingO/S28/01/2018
972032Health & wellbeing expo exhibitorVIC28/01/2018
885432LNG plant contractWA28/01/2018
976774Notice: Business capability databaseNSWNot Stated
976855Small Environmental Grant SchemeALLNot Stated
976856Lease of kitchenWANot Stated
976772Sale of duplexQLDNot Stated
976776Notice: Management and operation of fitness centre and pool facilitiesQLDNot Stated
976763Notice: Hospital laundry re-developmentSANot Stated
976765Notice: Pump station & pipeline construction contractsTASNot Stated
976766Transport for seniorsNSWNot Stated
976771Sale of residenceWANot Stated
976836Notice: New uses for theatreNZNot Stated
976556Fibre from softwood plantationsALLNot Stated
976715Notice: Floodway worksSANot Stated
976560Sale of business - mechanical repairNSWNot Stated
976580Cleaning servicesNSWNot Stated
976555Sale of vehicleVICNot Stated
976643Pre-release notice: Air charter procurementALLNot Stated
976624Sale of propertyWANot Stated
976685Notice: Flood & riverbank erosion risk management investment programO/SNot Stated
976399Sale of business - cateringNSWNot Stated
976553Sponsorship for community festivalVICNot Stated
976496Notice: Bus station constructionNZNot Stated
976554Franchise operator & contract courier opportunitiesVICNot Stated
976512Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
976525Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
976535Notice: Lived Experience Telephone Support ServiceSANot Stated
976514Sale of estateWANot Stated
976522Sale of residenceNSWNot Stated
976548Site holders / sponsors for sports & health expoQLDNot Stated
976551Notice: Road improvements detailed designNZNot Stated
976541Project ECHO (care of children with ADHD)QLDNot Stated
976354Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
976303Oil analyserO/SNot Stated
976247Lease of florist spaceO/SNot Stated
976245General maintenanceTASNot Stated
976368Painting (light commercial contracts)NZNot Stated
976306Sale of oceanfront propertyO/SNot Stated
976246Lease of cafe spaceO/SNot Stated
976257Construction of billboardsO/SNot Stated
976350Sale of freehold propertyQLDNot Stated
976342Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
976331Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
976241Contractors for proposed hotelO/SNot Stated
976256Supply of household coalNZNot Stated
976359Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
976085Sale of family beach houseNSWNot Stated
976080Sale / lease of light industrial siteQLDNot Stated
976035Notice: International airlineALLNot Stated
976084Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
975974Part investment / sale of business - residential aged careALLNot Stated
976069Sale of business - cafeVICNot Stated
976088Lease of office propertyQLDNot Stated
976078Sale of propertyVICNot Stated
976077Sale of family homeWANot Stated
976068Sale of business - cafeVICNot Stated
976086Lease of workshop / office compoundQLDNot Stated
976067Notice: Road network maintenance and renewalsNZNot Stated
975904Notice: Reticulated gas generation (All-of-Government)NZNot Stated
975903Information session: Hospital redevelopment (incl carpark)QLDNot Stated
975944Information sessions: Reoffending reduction programsNSWNot Stated
975930CateringNZNot Stated
975890Supplier forums: Doing business with councilQLDNot Stated
975856Sale of water cart truck mountNTNot Stated
975762Sale of development / home siteQLDNot Stated
975765Sale of apartmentsNSWNot Stated
975695Notice: Lease of cafe & art gallery spaceNSWNot Stated
975679Vehicle rental serviceO/SNot Stated
975687Industry briefing: Military training initiativeQLDNot Stated
975766Sale of landholdingWANot Stated
975771Sale / lease of industrial & commercial landNTNot Stated
975615Sale of villaNSWNot Stated
975618Sale of home blockWANot Stated
975630Youth Development GrantsVICNot Stated
975619Sale of homeWANot Stated
975617Sale of villaWANot Stated
975555Notice: Property consultancy services panel refreshNZNot Stated
975616Sale of development siteWANot Stated
975567Notice: Building condition assessmentsNZNot Stated
975469Stronger Country Communities FundNSWNot Stated
975511Notice: Supplier self-registrationNSWNot Stated
975560Notice: Laboratory equipment panelNZNot Stated
975586Briefing: Civil infrastructure (various works)NZNot Stated
975420Irish crossingsO/SNot Stated
975318Notice: Sale of abandoned vehicleQLDNot Stated
975296High speed broadband servicesVICNot Stated
975314Sale of freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
975316Sale of landO/SNot Stated
975362Sale of free standing retirement homeQLDNot Stated
975317Sale of landO/SNot Stated
975435Notice: Road upgradeNTNot Stated
975272Sale of service stationNSWNot Stated
975271Sponsorship opportunitiesALLNot Stated
975330Sale of dump trucksALLNot Stated
975428Sale of homeO/SNot Stated
975351Notice: Intensive alcohol & other drug service with accommodationNZNot Stated
975259Sale of business - restaurant / lounge barQLDNot Stated
975265Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
975266Sale of freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
975218Culvert design and construction worksVICNot Stated
975221Stallholders - foods, art, craft, produce, antique or collectable itemsTASNot Stated
975224Early intervention allied health servicesTASNot Stated
975233Briefing: Trade packages - HMAS redevelopment projectVICNot Stated
975085Notice: Local networking eventVICNot Stated
975125Information sessions: Fresh food productsQLDNot Stated
975011Sale of mixed farming propertyQLDNot Stated
975014Sale of lifestyle farmVICNot Stated
975115Market briefing: Regional treatment plant programsQLDNot Stated
974998Stallholders for expo (recreational, health and social services)NZNot Stated
975000Business events for local produce festivalWANot Stated
974985Sale of business - commercial property sales & managementWANot Stated
974988Sale of business - residential property sales & managementWANot Stated
974982Stallholder and entertainment for eventNSWNot Stated
974939Local distributor for livestock feeding equipmentQLDNot Stated
974945'Employer of Choice' programVICNot Stated
974841Cattle feedlot for lease or custom feedingNSWNot Stated
974839Festival coordinatorWANot Stated
974840Road transport servicesWANot Stated
974854Sale of beach side propertyNSWNot Stated
974852Sale of family homeNSWNot Stated
974912Stall holdersNSWNot Stated
974851Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
974662Industry brief: HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) services (panel)ALLNot Stated
974783Farmlands banding programWANot Stated
974782Construction consultancy servicesVICNot Stated
974776Food truck licenceTASNot Stated
974634Lease of commercial propertiesNZNot Stated
974629Sale of yachtQLDNot Stated
974726Builders for a new canteen and amenities buildingQLDNot Stated
974560Removal of firewoodNSWNot Stated
974700Sale of resort-style family homeWANot Stated
974720Sale of Indian sandalwood lots and buttsWANot Stated
974717Sale of landholdingNSWNot Stated
974721Sale of harbourside homeNSWNot Stated